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I'm a Software Engineer with a BS in Computer Science, and I love what I do. Welcome to my site where I have showcased some of my favorite side projects. You can check out LinkedIn for all the goods about my career. Take a look at GitHub for other projects not shown here. Also, sometimes I write up blog posts on Medium. Enjoy, and I hope something inspires you!

Professional Services

Here's some of the professional work I've done outside of my full time positions.

Beaver Pond Farm Website

This is a website that I created and am maintaining for Beaver Pond Farm in Newport, NH.

Santa's Workshop Website

This is a website that I created and am maintaining for Santa's Workshop in Unity, NH. I'm also managing their Facebook page.

I ♥ Video Games

“A game is a series of interesting choices.” – Sid Meier

Two of my passions are playing and creating video games! Here are some of the things that I've worked on.

Gravity Clutch Racing

A multiplayer vehicle racing game where you can use the gravity clutch to alter the direction of gravity while racing!

Geo Wars

This is a cool 2D platformer shooter. Avoid fatal terrain while using your arsenal of weapons to defeat your enemies. Hosted on Kongregate, and integrated into the high score system.

Crazy Canal Tower Defense

A tower defense game where your objective is to strategically place turrets to prevent enemy water craft from reaching the end of the canal.

Epic Crawl

This is a 2D top down RPG that features a level designer for you to build your own adventure.

Squares Clone

A clone of the popular Squares 2 game.

Idle Fidget Spinners

Create different kinds of fidget spinners and keep them spinning to earn money. Earn money to buy more fidget spinners of course!

Labyrinth Crawl

Try to escape the labyrinth with your life. Let me know if you beat all 10 levels!

Community Outreach

Lego Coach

I'm a FIRST Lego League volunteer coach at the middle school in Merrimack, NH. Every week I get to teach kids about programming and problem solving with legos!

MAVEN Site Lead

I started the Oracle MAVEN chapter in Manchester, NH. As a USMC veteran, I want to do everything I can to ensure my fellow veteran co-workers are as successful as possible. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let's Work Together

Let's get in touch and build something cool.
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